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Monday, October 28, 2013

I am in Taiwan!!! It is awesome here i love it! I can’t talk to very many people but there are still quite a few people that know English. The flight was good. I slept most of the way so it wasn’t to bad. Not very comfortable though and the food was nasty!!! haha but other than that it was good! It was crazy flying over the city seeing all of the characters on the signs. I never really had culture shock though which is pretty cool! I do have jet lag though!!! Every day at about 4, I am ready to go to bed! haha I get so tired, but in the mornings it is pretty easy to get up :)


My trainer is going to be awesome! He reminds me a lot of Taylor Carlson! I think it will be good and he is really helpful! We also have a member named Tony that hangs out with us pretty much all day everyday so he helps me a lot to. He is 19 and he is wanting to go on a mission but he is the only member in his family and  his parents don’t really support him. He has to wait until he is 20 to turn in his papers.


Taiping is kind of like Ogden i guess I would say Taizhong is more like salt lake and Taiping is like Ogden  They are bigger cities but for here that is probably what they are like. Taiping is about a 20 or 30 minute bike ride from Taizhong. Our apartment is alright everything is tile.  I will take pictures of it with my go pro this week and send them to you guys next week but my go pro has been dead soI am charging it right now. I want to use my go pro because it has a wider view and so you will be able to see more :) The one picture of the city is from our balcony in our apartment we are on the 12th floor so we can see like everything it is cool! :)


SHOUT OUT TO...... old man Mr. Dave Andre!! haha Happy birthday! How old are you now 38 or 39? I think :) 


That would be so awesome to come here after my mission. The weather right now is perfect!! It is like 20 to 22 degrees Celsius in the mornings and then gets around like 25 I think so about 70 to 80 degrees :) The humidity isn't too bad right now either! 


I got the pictures kaylee. She looks super cute, and ky is studly as every! :) Pretty much everyone has seen the picture of ky's show already! Everyone is super jealous and at first they did not think it is real until I show them the other pictures :) My bike is super nice to :) Things worked out fine I didn’t even get my bike or need it until Friday afternoon thanks for doing that though and just remember to put my money in my savings now haha :) 


Friday afternoon I met Elder Gish and we left the mission home at about 1:30 and I was teaching my first lesson at 2! They were in active members though so it wasn’t too bad :) Then we had another appointment at 3 and I got lucky again and the guy knew quite a bit of English so I could just talk to him in English but the last 10 minutes elder Gish had to leave because he scheduled another appointment that he forgot about so I had to finish the lesson by myself!!! It went pretty good though. Oh and on Thursday we ate at a place called Marihuana and had hot pot.


Saturday we mostly just had lessons with RC's (recent converts) and they got to know me and I got to know them a little bit! It is awesome to see how much happier the people are here that have the gospel in their life! They all just can’t stop smiling and are always so happy!  Sunday we went to church and I had to get up and introduce myself during sacrament. The bad part was during church I didn’t really understand anything so it was pretty long... :)


Monday, my first p day in Taiwan! :) It is 3:15 right now, earlier today we studied and then went and said bye to all the missionaries that were going to another area or going home, then we went to the mall and I finally got a soda with caffeine! They didn’t have mountain dew but I got a coke :) It tasted so good!!!! For a 20oz bottle it was 27 Kauai which is a little less than a dollar, they say 30 Kauai is about a dollar. Then I had subway for lunch which tasted super good also! That was a little expensive because it is American food, it was about 160 Kauai Usually for a full mean it is about 60 Kauai on average so we eat out quite a bit :) We get about 7500 Kauai a month so I have heard we can spend around 200 a day and be good with money.


Things here are so awesome, I love it here!! I probably wouldn’t want to live here but it is pretty cool! Traffic is crazy and there are so many scooters everywhere!!! One of the pictures is all the scooters on the sidewalk! The traffic rules are different!!! On bikes when the light is red we can turn left because we just "use the sidewalk. But when it is green we can’t turn left, and when the light is red you can’t turn right until it turns green.... but there are exceptions for pretty much everything and you can get around most laws :) I have only seen one crash and it was right after it happened, a scooter hit the side of a car Things are good here nothing really to complain about except I can’t communicate! That will come though! Love you guys!! :) 

Picture #1- My first companion Elder Gish.
Picture #2- Lots of scooters out here.
Picture#3- The view of Taiping from my balcony.

Love Elder Roberts 


ruan jun xiong zhanglao


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