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Friday, October 18, 2013

First P day

So its my first p day and things were alot busier than i thought they would be!! But mom you will be happy to know that i successfully did my first thing of laundry and folded it and put it away all by myself! :P haha So last nights devotional was awesome!! it was the mtc president that spoke to us he told us how hard a mission was but the sooner you get lost in the work the faster it will go and not to have any regrets when you are flying home! It was really really good! then we watched a movie of elder Bednar, he talked on charactor of christ which was really good! I see Elder Hansen and Elder Groberg like every day! Its so weird and hard to call them that hahaha but it helps so much to see them! jaxon is going to send you a picture of us today i haven got any pictures of us yet but I have some of me and my district and companions that i will try to send! :) lao shi (teacher) is really nice all of the people here are so welcoming and want to help you with what ever they can my branch President is way cool to! About the shoes idk if you will get this before I don't need soccer shoes but if you have already sent them that's fine i will definitely use them but the free runs i will really need! let ky know i havent gone into the weight room yet we have only had an hour friday and an hour saturday so far and friday we couldnt use the gym and Saturday all the mandarin elders got together to play a big game of kick ball which was pretty fun but i got stung by a bee.... haha oh well :) the food has been alright some meals are really good and some aren't to appetizing haha but for the most part there is something to eat! Me and my companions get together really good! one is really good at chinese already, his mom is from taiwan and would always speak chinese to him he just doesnt know very much church words so that makes it kinda hard but he carries us though the discussions! He is from bountiful. my other companion is down on my level and we are both struggling quite a bit compared to the rest of the class but all of them knew alot before they came here but he is from oklahoma and he is going to canada. so the asian is elder dawson and the oklahoma elder is elder bird we all are different but we all get along pretty good! we havent had any problems yet so thats good! Im having a good experience here but it is really hard! i will be doing fine and then all of a sudden get really home sick but there is always something that picks me back up which shows how much the lord is watching over me right now! I know there isnt anything better i could be doing right now! :) make sure you guys take care of Saige for me please! :) love all of you!! Much love Elder Roberts!! :)

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