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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Elder Roberts Testimony to his brothers

September 24,2013

          It is so Awesome here ! I have met so many new people, I get to learn a new language with the lords help and all I have to do for the next two years is help people and make them happy! What a better way to spend two years of my life dedicated to the lord. This is going to help me so much in my  future I cant even express how much! There is not anything you could do that would be better for you than this!

        I know maybe you feel a mission is not for you and your exactly right!! Its not for you! Its for the lord! Just think about everything the lord has given you and all he asks is for you to give him two years of your life to bring his children back to live with him. Lets say I just left and told you where I was going but said I wasn't coming back or I left and just got lost and couldn't come back home unless you came and helped me get on the right path. Are you going to tell mom and dad it just isn't for you? Or would you come help me get back home? That is what we are doing for God is helping his children to return to him. So they can live with their families forever and for all eternity! We leave our families for 2 years so others can be together forever! I know if you put the lord first things will always work out better than if you don't. He will take care of you, Have Faith!

      Read your Patriarchal blessing that will help! If you pray and read your scriptures I know you will get answers. Be worthy and prepare yourself so if you decide to go you can!! It will be the best thing you could do for yourself! And for others! Hopefully you will be blessed to get to learn a language! Maybe mandarin so we could talk secretly! haha

      I know this is a very hard choice and a BIG one, believe me I really want to be home with you guys and starting my life, but right now there are people in Taiwan that need me! Sometimes you have to put others first and when you do you will find out it makes you a lot happier!

      I love you man and I just want the best for you and I know a mission is Hard! Its really Hard!! But good things don't come easy! I know if you put your heart and truly try to know if you should serve a mission you will get an answer! Read the scriptures a lot and start with a prayer it is amazing how much more you get out of it! I know if you live worthily and live church standards (watch what music you listen to and watch what you think and say)  you will want to serve and want to share the greatness of this gospel!

     All we are doing is talking to people about what makes us happy! It is amazing how strong the spirit is and what it can do for you if you listen to it!!


                 I LOVE YOU BROS,

                         Love your older brother, Elder Roberts

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