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Saturday, October 19, 2013

August 21, 2013

Dear Fam,

    WOW!!! The first day here has been crazy! When I left you guys the Elder started to tell me what was going to happen my first day at the MTC, I really didn't hear a thing he said because I was thinking I'm really doing this!! I think I was kind of in shock. Anyway he took me to get my name tag and a lot of Mandarin books and stuff. So that was exciting! Then we went to my room and put my bags in there and left! Drop and run! He took me over to the building where my classroom was and told me where to sit in Chinese! They had already started class when I got there, it had been in session for an hour. So I was really lost during the entire class! (They only spoke  Chinese) Then we went and listened to some talks in English, that was really nice! Then it was time for dinner, we had chicken cordon blue. Yummy! Then we had a little bit of free time, but not even enough to finish unpacking. Then headed back to classes. I was exhausted by 6:00! We meet our zone leader and gave us a tour and told us what was going on between 8-9:30. Its 10:00 now and I just got unpacked and I'm writing you this letter. I actually was given two companions and there are only three of us in our room. They both seem really cool. I hope I answered all your worries mom. Ask if you have and questions. I love you guys!

                                       Love, Elder Roberts


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