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Saturday, October 19, 2013

August 22,2013


         Well its 7:45am my first morning here! We have some personal time while the mission president does interviews. During mine he asked a lot about you guys!  A mission is one of the best and hardest thing you will ever do! I know some may think its not for them and its not, its for the lord, and for all the people you help bring unto Christ. It just happens to be really awesome for you too! Get a testimony now! I love you guys!
        The first day was rough! But I can do this!! I finally saw Jaxon (Elder Hansen) today at breakfast!! It made me feel so good to hug him and see someone I knew! It helped comfort me ALOT! It sounds like we will see each other often. He says we will meal times together and workout time and P days. So hopefully! I also saw Elder Jake Groberg!

                              Love you all,
                                      Elder Roberts

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