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Monday, October 21, 2013

Last MTC E-Mail

MOM RELAX!!!! gees haha they have given us a bunch of orientations and power points letting us know what to do and how to pack and all of that stuff. My mission president has also sent me letters telling us what we need in what bag, I guess we are staying at the mission home for the first couple days and we won’t have any of our luggage so we have to pack a couple days’ worth of stuff in our carry on. Elder Bird leaves the MTC at 3 tomorrow morning!!! So we say goodbye tonight kind of.


This week has been really good! I have been stressing quite a bit but I am super excited! :) I am going to be in Taiwan in a couple days!!!! Nothing to exciting has happened this week but it has been pretty spiritual! During our infield orientation one of the guys shared a story about two missionaries that was awesome!! The two missionaries had just started a new split and they were making their goals for what they wanted to accomplish while they were together, they decided they wanted to have 8 baptisms so they got to work! The first week they worked really hard and nothing... Second week they tried even harder and still didn't get anyone to teach. They went for 4 weeks trying and doing everything they could to get a baptism and they still came up short with nothing! Now they only have two weeks left of their transfer and they don't even have anyone to teach, they were pretty disappointed obviously and they weren't really sure what else to do. They decided to go through their day and pray on every street and ask if they should go down it or move on. They went past a couple streets doing this and didn't feel anything so they would go to the next one they finally came up to a street and felt really strongly to go to one specific house so they did. They went up to the door and knocked and waited.... and nobody came to the door. They thought for sure this was where they were supposed to be but they decided to move on. A little while later they felt like they should go back. Where they were the people really didn't like the missionaries especially if they knocked more than once so they were a little worried but decided to go back... They got to the door and knocked.... and still nobody answered!! They were so confused so they left again and felt prompted to go back and the same thing happened. They decided that was the last time as they left. They walked down the road a little ways and again felt like they should go back and by this time they were really nervous because it was their fourth time but they decided to try one more time. This time a lady answered the door and her eyes were red like she had been crying, she asked them if they were the people that knocked on her door 40 minutes ago. They answered yes kind of ashamed and apologetic. She then invited them in and told them what had happened. They found out that nobody answered the door because they were praying as a family to know what to join and what church was true, she said the missionaries were the answer to their prayers!! The family was baptized within the next two weeks!! 


I know this church is true and I know heavenly father is aware of each and every one of us! I know that through him we can do anything we just need to put our trust him and push on! sometimes we might not know why we are doing it or we think we shouldn't be doing it but as long as you follow the spirit and listen to heavenly father we will be where we need to be! Everything happens for a reason sometimes it’s hard to know and believe that it is or was supposed to happen but the Lord knows what’s best and knows what needs to happen! Put your faith in him and put him first and everything else will work out!


Love you guys hope everything is going good at home! I still can’t believe I am going to be in Taiwan soon!! I haven't started to pack yet either by the way... haha surprise :) Our laundry is almost done then I will start to pack hopefully it doesn't take too long! :)


Love Elder Roberts

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