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Friday, October 18, 2013

September 9/2013

Monday September 9/2013

Yesterday was my third Sunday away from home!! I was sitting in sacrament and it hit me and I kind of started to miss you guys a little bit!! ;) I never got sick over the last week so that was good! Almost my entire district got sick though!! There are 11 of us 4 sisters and 7 elders. So yesterday we were walking to our room to get treats before we had a devotional and we noticed a car had a flat tire and an old guy was about to fix it, we almost kept walking but then decided to ask if he need help. While we were helping him fix it we noticed he had two fake legs!!! There would have been no way he could have done it by himself! It was pretty neat to help him and it felt good :) So has Brett got his permit? How did kys game go? On Saturday night we could hear the fans cheering at the BYU game! It made me miss you guys and I wish I could be there to see that stud play! How is his knee doing? So one fun thing I have to look forward to every night before I go to bed is Elder Dawson turning off the lights!! It is so funny! When he turns them off he runs to his bed and jumps on it but when he goes to take off his eyes get really big and his eyebrows go up and he gets a really creepy smile then the lights shut off! It is so funny because you only see it for a couple seconds then its gone; it gives me and elder Bird a good laugh every night! :) Elder Bird and I get along really good! I wasn’t too sure about him at first but now we are really close! We have a lot in common! There isn’t anything to exciting happening here. It is pretty much the same thing every day.... it is getting old... ha-ha I am excited to leave, but it is alright I still don’t know the language very good but I am learning a lot!

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