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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Week 2 in Taiwan

This week has been pretty awesome! It is getting a little tougher though because Elder Gish is pushing me pretty hard to be the best I can which; isn’t a bad thing but it definitely puts me out of my comfort zone!!! The good side is I can kind of talk to people on the street now and get their number! :) I have about 4 girls now that are going to wait the two years... ;) ha-ha just kidding but on my way to the email place I got a number! I think they only pull over because they can't understand me then I give them the card to write their number on and they do it and then later Elder Gish calls them :) ha-ha it is so fun though and so out of my comfort zone! I am getting really good at balancing on my bike at red lights though!! :)


So to answer some of your questions before I forget :) The only plan for my birthday is we are going to a night market for English proselyting and that was just coincidence but I might buys some stuff for myself there! :) The one thing I have been wanting to get is a little computer thing for my bike that says how far I have gone and stuff and that is about 40 bucks I think. I got the one letter on Halloween and then I got your card today!! :) It seems like it takes about 2 weeks. They do sell skittles here but I still have a big bag from what people sent me at the MTC but they have been going pretty quick! :) The best thing for Christmas would probably just be money stuff is so much cheaper here and it would make it a lot cheaper for me to buy it here instead of you shipping it, but maybe a nice light rain jacket would be sweet! They have them here but the quality isn't super good. Just send stuff to the mission home and they send it out to us.


The story about me telling someone to go die I just asked him about it I don't remember so obviously I didn't notice!!! Oops: p For Halloween... they don't really celibate it here. The earth quake was pretty crazy though! Ha we were in the church teaching a lesson when it happened but I definitely felt it! It made me feel really motion sick but it felt like we were on a boat rocking back and forth. It wasn't too bad, kind of a cool experience though. It was like a 6.3 so it was a pretty good sized one! 


That sucks about KY and football! I just wrote you guys a letter and in kys I talked about football..... Oops oh well :) There is more to life then high school sports! Don't be one of those guys that lives in your high school days! Ha-ha Things only get better after high school... for the most part! I mean look at me I'm living in Taiwan and still have my parents paying for me to live how awesome is that! ;) Ha-ha congrats on school to man!! That is awesome!! You are such a stud!!!


I noticed in all the pictures you guys are in big coats like its cold or something!!! I wake up at 6 and go down to the track right outside in front of our building and by the end of my work out I am sweating! The weather is so nice right now! This last week it has been kind of humid but the temperature is really nice! It would be sweet to go hit the slopes though!!! Thanks for rubbing that in my face but I don't miss the cold to much! :)


So the people here just give themselves American names and we met a guy on the street and asked him what his name was then later we asked if he had an English name and he thought for a second then said Milk!!! Things are so different and weird here it is awesome! I just wish I could talk to them better!! People always say nige to it means that or like you can call a person that to haha but there is a drink here that is called a nige and it is so good! It is like sprite with key wee in it and a lot of their drinks have like rubber chewy candies at the bottom that you can suck up and chew on while you drink it is awesome! Yesterday for dinner we had McDonalds and I got the new burger in a large combo and some chicken nuggets for about 5 buck! The food is so cheap hear and that is expensive because it is American food! Usually we can eat a full good meal for about 2 bucks! :) Love you guys


Love Elder Roberts


Things are going pretty good here though hopefully they are there to! Some scriptures and things I have been studying that have been good are:

-Ether 12:9-10, 12

-Ether 12:24-27 I like where it says "fools mock but they shall mourn"

-Alma 30:43-44 and Alma 14 is probably my favorite chapter it is so cool!


-I started reading "Our search for happiness" that is pretty good



What we do with our powers during planning... ha-ha :) pretty cool huh :)


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