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Monday, August 25, 2014

One year down, One year to go.

Wow one year has come and gone and I am still doing the same thing... but I have gotten better at it and helped a lot more people than when I started!!  This week has been pretty amazing with lots of miracles and finding and teaching FAMILIES!!! We found 3 families this last week and they are awesome and super interested in learning more about this gospel!!! One family we met one on Monday.  They told us how they had been to our church before and loved the feeling they had while they were there but haven’t been for a long time and so they want to feel that again! Then they invited us to eat dinner with them tonight!! haha ya they are Golden! ;) Then we met with a second family. We only met with the mom because the dad was at work but she was super excited to learn and had so many questions about why there are so many Christian churches and stuff like that that we didn’t even get to teach the lesson but hopefully we can go back over when her husband is there and teach them both together! Then the third family was set up by a missionary in our district and it was only supposed to be a dad then he showed up and had his wife and son!!! So many miracles this week! We were constantly getting referrals from other missionaries and then it ended up being a family!

On Monday my companion also was trying to make himself get sick and decided to drink an old, kind of like Gatorade, but it is Taiwan’s sports drink. He left the bottle in our room for a couple days and Monday night we got home and he was really thirsty and grabbed that bottle, he got a huge mouth full of the drink when he realized it was full of mold..... haha all I heard was "uh oh I am going to be sick...." then he started to dry heave!!! haha he was in the bathroom for about ten minutes throwing up and so I think he got all of it out of his body! haha pretty funny.  The next day his throat was really sore from throwing up! haha We checked all of our bottles before we drink them now.

Wednesday during English proselyting we started talking to this guy that was going into an ice cream shop and when he came out he had three extra ice creams, one for each of us elders!! Things like this happened multiple times this week and it was awesome!!!  We should be getting a baptism this Saturday!!  She has an interview today at 2:30 and if she passes hopefully we can talk president into letting her get baptized this Saturday! Pray for her, she is awesome!!!

 Last night we had an awesome chance to go see Kuha'o, the blind kid from Hawaii that plays the piano, he has a Mormon message and it was super cool! It was at our church, he has been here in Taiwan for about a week just touring around doing shows and he just happened to come to our church building, it was cool watching him live! There were also a lot of people there from my old areas and they all came up to me and said hi and they said they missed me.... ha I didn’t think anyone would really remember me because I could barely talk to them and so I just sat there quiet most of the times when I saw them but there was one kid from Zuo Ying, my second area, that came up and talked to me before the show and told me thank you because when I met him he was super less active and then something I did while I was serving there in those two weeks helped him change and now he is getting ready for a mission!! It was so amazing to see the change in him and felt so good knowing that I helped him! I didn’t know it at the time but it helped him go from not wanting anything to do with the church to wanting to go on a mission and I thought I didn’t even do anything there! Just goes to show how you always need to be watching what you are doing and always be worthy of the spirit, I am pretty sure it wasn’t anything I said because I couldn’t really say much at that time but something I did really helped him and made him come back! Watch what you do this week because you never know who is watching and always be doing what is right, it will affect people that you didn’t even know were watching!!

I love you all and hope you have a great week!!! :) JUST ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE! :)

Love Elder Roberts

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