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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

July 13, 2014

Wow this week has been pretty fun!! haha so much has happened! We are hopefully going to have a baptism this Saturday! It is an 11 year old boy. On Sunday we called his mom to see what time they wanted to do the baptism and she said she didn’t want to let him get baptized anymore because at church somebody said something to her and it made her mad and she felt like the ward wasn’t going to welcome him in.... but after talking to her for about 30 minutes she decided to ask the boy and then let us know. Well he said yes and is super excited for it so hopefully everything goes well and we will be able to baptize this stud!  Then our other baptism pushed it off one more week because he doesn’t feel quite ready and we weren’t able to finish teaching him all the lessons before the interview so next Saturday we will hopefully be able to get him into the water as well! He is super cool and we have taught him the commandments and he was willing to change, he is a stud!

This week we sat down with an investigator, he is the one that has been smoking 1 or 2 cigarettes a day and just won’t quit... so this week we let him have it ha we shared Mormon 5: 22-24. He just keeps making up excuses and won’t change! It is so hard because he knows A LOT about the gospel and knows that it is true but doesn't have the faith to quit and rely on God! He says he knows God can do anything but when it comes to him quitting smoking he says there is no way! So we told him that he is mocking god and he wouldn’t accept that but we just testified and told him that god can help him but he needs to believe and until then he is mocking god. Then he told us he doesn’t care about his salvation he just wants to have peace and happiness now and the telestial kingdom is good enough for him..... ha so frustrating. Oh well he will get what he deserves and only god can judge him.

So now what all of you what to hear about, the Hospital! haha so Thursday morning we woke up and did our normal exercise and stuff then came home and I wanted to put my initial on the lid because all the missionaries have the same bottle and I didn't want to lose it so I looked for a marker and I couldn’t find one then I saw my knife on my desk and figured that would do the job... haha well it did but it cut a little more than I was hoping for! Ha it slipped off the lid and in between the hand that was holding the bottle and cut my finger, I hurried and grabbed some tissues and covered it and went and got it taken care of. We wrapped it up and I showered and got ready for the day and we headed off to the hospital. On our way we stopped by some other elder’s apt. to give them some medicine because they were sick and then we went to the Hospital. We got there at about 9:30 and checked in and they sent us to a trauma doctor and we waited for about 20 minutes then called us back and they asked me what happened and I just said I cut my finger.... ha then they grab it and start ripping the band aid off... it hurt pretty bad then they tore the gauze off a little bit and it opened up my finger again and the doctor kind of jumped back in his chair and said " oh my..... That is deep you can’t be here. I can’t fix that! You need to go to the ER and get stitches! You probably cut a tendon or something..." ha well that’s not exactly what I wanted to here and now I am just pissed because they were ripping at my finger and now my mind is like oh great that’s a doctor and he was freaking out!!! haha so we get to the ER and they call me back and look at it then have me wait in the waiting room. then a doctor comes up to me and looks at it and starts poking at it with a Q-tip and then he opens it up and starts digging around in it. Mind you I am still standing in the waiting room and not numb..... haha I started to get a little light headed and sick and had to sit down! It was crazy they kept telling me to move it and it wouldn’t move at all then they would poke and tell me to move it and surprisingly it still wouldn’t move.... haha wow amazing but then they went and got another doctor and...... Same thing haha they would poke and pinch it and tell me to move it. Well I started to get a little frustrated from the pain and multiple doctors telling me to do the same thing that was not possible for me to do and on top of that do you know how frustrating it is to use like every muscle in your body just to move your finger and it still won’t move and then the doctor looks at you like you are stupid and then makes a fist and says " just do this' hmmmmmm haha they ended up telling me I needed surgery and would stay in the hospital for 2 or three days..... Ha ya right it’s my finger I am not staying in the hospital for a couple days because of my finger!!! They had me change my clothes and gave me a bed that was in the hall by the waiting room..... haha and I sat in the bed for about three hours until they came and talked to me and took me to a room. Then we did a lot of waiting and talking and all the nurses would come in and flirt with us.... ha we were by the desk to and so we could hear everything they would say and they kept talking about the shuai guy in the room and the would say but he is only 20.... haha kind of funny I don’t think they knew we could understand as much as we did :) while we were waiting the guy next to me pooped his pants so that was a pretty sweet surprise and air freshener.... haha then at 10 pm they finally came in and told me it was time haha Right before I was going in they started asking me all these questions and a member that came and stayed to help with communication said "well maybe if you are lucky they will circumcise you while they are at it, well you probably are already so never mind" then all of the nurses that are pulling my bed start to laugh.... haha so for the next ten minutes all of them joked about that... then I got taken into the room and ky is right it is cold in there!!! haha but I was in a room full of girls laughing at me and talking about me which was super weird!!! ha then one put some oxygen on my and told me are you ready to go to sleep. ha well the next thing I knew I was looking at my hand with this huge cast thing on it.... ha I came out of the recovery room at 1 in the morning and the first question Frank (the member) asks is how are you feeling down there.... haha at least they thought it was funny! :) we stayed there the night and left the next day at 2pm when I told them I was leaving all of the nurses started talking about who gets to help me change into my clothes.... haha luckily I was able to do it by myself :) such a good memory! Except now I can’t ride a bike for a month.... should be fun

I love all of you guys hope you have a great week! 

Love Elder Roberts

Sexy tan line and a thumbs up all the way from the Taiwan hospital.

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