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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August 11, 2014

I want to start with a shout out to Karie and Mickie! Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you guys have a great day Love you lots!!!

Tuesday President called me in at about 11 and asked how long it takes to get back down to Gao Xiong and I said 3 hours. Then he asked if I could make it before ZTM that is at 1 haha I just looked at the clock and sister Blickenstaff and she was like of course not he still needs to pack!! haha then when we were leaving to ZTM he told me I would be going from ZTM to the train station so to bring my stuff... haha I still hadn’t packed so long story short I packed in 10 minutes and was out of there and now I am back in the area of feng shan. I had a  doctors appointment on Wednesday and got a splint for my finger and he said my finger is doing really good and I have a lot of movement for how I cut it and stuff so now I can ride my bike!!! :)

This week it has rained a lot!! The Last THREE days nonstop!! Almost haha but every time we were inside was when it would stop so it felt like it never stopped!! I didn’t think it was possible for it to rain this much but I guess it is! haha We had planned to go pull weeds at our WML's house and luckily it stopped raining for a little bit so we headed over there and started to pull weeds, about ten minutes into it we were soaked and it was pouring rain again but it was so much fun! We pulled weeds for about an hour in the rain and there was a grandma that sat under her porch cover and was just laughing at us the whole time.... haha it was a pretty sweet experience! :) 

We have some pretty cool investigators right now that should be getting baptized here in the next couple weeks! :) One is an older lady that we have been teaching for a while and she told us she is getting surgery so she needs to get baptized earlier!! So now we are just trying to teach her everything and make sure she understands it.  The other two is a mom and a daughter and the girl is so cute!! She is 9 and reminds me so much of Kaylee and is super smart! Most of the time she will explain stuff to her mom and start teaching her mom it is pretty funny! But It makes me miss Kaylee a lot!!! I love that girl and just want to give her a big hug!! 

I love you guys and hope you all have a great week!! 

Love Elder Roberts!

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