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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

July 20, 2014

Our little buddy was able to get baptized this week!! It was super cool and he was super happy, it is such a good feeling being able to help these people start their way to eternal life! Our buddy should be getting baptized this week as well! He passed his interview and is set up for Saturday morning! He will be the first person I have taught from the very beginning until the end so I am pretty excited for him!

Just to let all of you know in case you were wondering, I am still pretty cool..... haha I don’t know if you have noticed in the pictures my sleeves are rolled up a little bit and everyone would always tease me about showing off my guns but it was really because it isn’t as hot!! ha and is a lot more comfortable! But lately I have been noticing and guess what.... everyone is doing it now!! haha even the zone leaders started to do it!! haha so it made me feel pretty cool. Still being an example. haha 

Kind of a downer though I looked at my bike and from sitting outside at the hospital my bike grips melted..... haha it is too hot here!! :) But on the bright side I don’t have to worry about it for another couple weeks because I can’t ride it :) hahahahahahahaha.............. Speaking of that we have been walking a lot!! It is kind of fun but kind of sucks and takes forever to get anywhere! Last night we decided to contact to the church and about 2 hours later we made it.... ha we talked to some pretty awesome people on the way!

Awkward moment of the week, during English class we were talking about the plan of salvation for our spiritual share and a lady asked where her beautiful sister is, and she asked if she was the moon... ha we just answered and said we will get to that in a second haha then after class she came up to us and asked the same thing.... so we start explaining everything and after we went through everything again she said but what about the beautiful sister with blond hair.... haha so that sister missionary that Kaylee said I should marry when I get back with long blond hair, she was in my area and I guess the lady was asking where she went and said did she MOVE not is she the moon..... haha so that was kind of awkward but it is funny to think about now.

So this week was good! Lots of walking and it seemed to rain every day when we were about to go out so that was sweet :) haha but one day it started pouring rain and we got on the bus and the when we got off about ten minutes later the water was up to the bottom of the car doors parked on the side of the road.... it was crazy! So much rain the rain drops completely covered the road because it was coming down so fast and hard! There is a typhoon coming on Wednesday and Thursday so that should be fun to!! :)

Love you guy’s hope you guys have a great week and enjoy your fingers!!! You don't realize how important they are until you can’t really use one! :) 

Love Elder Roberts

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