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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Wow.... I am back on the computer! It feels like I was just finishing emailing you guys and now I am back! A lot happened this week, so last Monday we went to the Chen family’s house and for dinner we had Pizza :) yummy ha-ha but it wasn’t American pizza it was Taiwanese pizza, how do I know this, because it had squid legs on it!! Ha-ha but it was pretty good... ha-ha I guess that is one way I have changed :) I can’t wait for my mom’s cooking now!!! Ha-ha Then after we ate we shared about the spirit and having the spirit in your house, it was a pretty good lesson! Their family is so cute I will try to send a picture of them if my companion will send it! :)

This week we had a baptism and it was awesome! She was so happy after and you could just feel it coming from her it was such a good feeling! 

The other day we went to dinner with one of our RC's and he took us to this Tai place and it was pretty spicy! ha-ha Me and Jimmy ordered the least spicy you could get and E. Shelton got a little spicier than we did and I am really happy I didn’t get spicy!!!! Ha-ha He likes spicy and he was dying!! His face was pale white and he was sweating like crazy and me and jimmy were just laughing at him, Jimmy just had this smile and giggle like you idiot I tried to tell you but you didn’t listen and he was just really enjoying it :) Jimmy is probably one of my favorite people I have met here in Taiwan! :) So cool and nice!

This week we got a referral to go visit a less active family of 5 (two little girls 5 and 3 and a boy that is 9) from our Ward Mission Leader, and so we called them up and it was seriously perfect timing! They had just got back from a trip to America and most of their time was spent in Utah and when we got over there to visit them they told us about their trip, of course, ha but they told us that they went to Temple square and saw the Temple and they felt the spirit while they were there and wanted that back! Well luckily for them we can help! Ha-ha we visited with them for a little bit then pulled out a picture of Christ and the little 5 year old girls says that’s Christ he was resurrected!! And we said ya he was and then her face goes kind of serious and she says “I don’t believe that" ha-ha it was so cute!!! So our whole lesson was on Christ and how he was resurrected! Little Taiwanese girls are the cutest!! Ha-ha I hope now she believes that he was resurrected :) Then yesterday at church we were outside calling our investigators to come to church and they all came walking in!! It was so cool seeing them and we are going over to their house again tomorrow! :) Families are awesome!

So about two weeks my mom asked if people feed us very much and up to that point we hadn’t really got very much food or anything and so that is what I told her ha-ha but the last couple weeks we have been getting food from people like every day!! Our fridge is full!!! (It is a really small fridge) but it is still full!! ha-ha so last night when we were riding home we were talking about it and I told him it is because my mom has been praying for us since I told her that ;) ha-ha kind of joking but kind of serious then today my mom wrote about how she has been praying that we have enough food and that people will do little acts of kindness for us.... ha-ha well prayers are answered!!! So if all of you would keep praying that all of our meals will be prepared for us that would be awesome!! ;) Ha-ha just kidding but the people are awesome here and I really do know that prayers are answered if you have faith!

I love all of you and hope you have a great week! 

Spicy food


Love Elder Roberts

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