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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August 18, 2014

Wow another week has come and gone! I can't believe it has been almost a year! So crazy! This week I went on exchanges with a zone leader Elder Fiso and he is one year ahead of me on his mission, so that means today he left to go home!! It was super weird talking to him and seeing that the time is really going to come and it is super weird to think about!! So for now I am not going to! :) I am so happy to have this opportunity to learn and grow and it is kind of sad to think about it coming to an end and it being over, once this is over it is over haha once in a life time opportunity and it is already half way over, but I still have another half to take on so that is always good!

Today is move call but nothing to exciting happened, me and Elder Shelton are still staying together here in feng shan :) I got all of the packages this last week thank you so much for the candy!!! I think candy is like the best thing us missionaries can get!! haha today we are going to watch one of the movies you sent us! Thanks again! Ky thanks for the shirt that is pretty sweet! I got them on the same day so that worked out pretty sweet! I will write back to your letter today!

A couple days ago a sister thought it would be funny to test our patients.... haha they called us when we were on our way to a lesson and told us they needed their bikes in an hour and they wanted us to go get them from the hospital for them... haha well we tried calling our lesson but realized we didn’t have his number so we went to find where he lived and it was out of our area... so we called the sisters and they said it is ok just get them when we can. We went to the lesson and it went good kind of, ha, but I will talk about it in a second. After the lesson we took our bikes to the church then rode the bus to the Hospital so we could just ride their bikes home.... well we get to the Hospital and walk around for a little bit and can’t find the bikes so we ended up calling them and they laugh then say "ooops we needed our bikes so we called the other elders to go get them and it just slipped our mind to call you back.... sorry" ha then they told us there was still one bike there so if we could walk that one back that would be great.... so we got to walk the bike from the hospital to the church and it took like 20 minutes... super fun :) haha but I am still alive and got to do service for them so overall I guess it wasn’t to bad ;)

Now the lesson was with a blind guy, it was super different but I think he was faking that he was blind.... He would look around and look at stuff then he would make eye contact with us when he would talk to us and his eyes looked normal so I was really confused.... haha he definitely didn't act like a blind guy and he was wearing seeing glasses.... but it was a pretty good lesson he has different views on things and also thinks the commandments are too restrictive but he thinks we are good. We just shared our testimonies and talked with him for a while and I think he felt the spirit and we helped him! That is the best thing about a mission. You get to spend your whole day just trying to help people and bring them a happiness!

This week we got some sweet haircuts!! haha probably the most Taiwanese hair cut I have ever had, but I guess that is what you get when you tell them to just make you shuai haha oh well it is a cool experience! :) I will send pictures :)

I hope you all have a great week and stay happy! Love you

Some things I have learned in Taiwan:
-Don’t underestimate an Asian when it comes to them using their scooter as a pickup truck! :) Or as anything for that matter! They use them to mow fields here... haha
-Don’t worry about things you can’t control!
-The less you focus on time going fast the faster it goes!
-There are A LOT of crazy people in Taiwan!
-and you never fully enjoy what you have until you don't have it any more!

I want everyone to focus on what really matters this week! Love you

Love Elder Roberts

Hair cut Taiwan style
Ice cream

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