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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August 4, 2014

Wow another week is already gone! Time is really flying now I feel like I am just waking up and it is time to head home and then I am waking up again it is a never ending cycle that has lots of surprises in-between! 

This week has been a pretty good week! We have seen a lot of miracles and my new companion is awesome! On Tuesday morning we were out walking the streets talking to people and we had been walking for about an hour when some ladies/girls yelled hello to us. haha so we went over and talked to them, they ended up inviting us in to their barber shop place and told us to sit down. We ended up staying there for about an hour and they fed us lunch and asked a lot of questions about the gospel and were super nice! We taught them how to pray and told them why we were here. They told us they were going to come to English class, they were super cool and nice! Then later in the week we met with the little kid we baptized and he has changed so much!! My companion kept telling me how baptism changes little kids and he has had some stinkers that have got baptized and after they are nice and really well behaved! Well I saw this happen with him! We sat down with him for about 45 min. and usually it is only like 10 minutes that we have his attention. For the whole 45 min. he sat reverently and listened to us and at least acted like he was paying attention! haha It was really awesome to see the change in him and I hope he can keep becoming better because he will be getting the priesthood in less than a year!

For some reason this week we have been getting a lot of compliments! haha I think it is because my companion is so shuai because I have never gotten this many compliments! First the girls invite us into their place and feed us food and ask us a billion questions, then we had a bunch of people self-contact us, one we were standing on the corner and this guy and girl pulled up and started off by saying wow you guys are so handsome.... haha kind of weird but Asians are weird so what can you do :) There was also a huge gas explosion right down the road from our apartment on Thursday night!!! The road is completely torn apart and like 26 people were killed! so ya it has been a pretty fun week and I haven't even told you the craziest part! :)

On Friday we had just finished planning and our phone rings and it is president..... uh oh haha no I thought he was just calling to see how my finger was and so I answered it and that is what he asked me but then he asked if elder Shelton was there and I said ya one sec but he told me just to put it on speaker.... then I knew something was going to happen.... he asked him if he was getting used to the area sense he had only been there like 5 days haha and then told me I was going to come up to the mission home for about a week with another elder that is sick and work around the office.... I just started laughing and was in shock! I thought I was staying there for sure because it is hard enough to learn an area in 6 weeks let alone 5 days! Then I asked when I was leaving and he says tomorrow morning..... ha so That night I got to pack all of my stuff and now I am in the mission home and have been here all weekend following the office elders around doing all the things that they don't want to do :) haha it has been pretty fun though and sister Blickenstaff has been making us food so that is pretty awesome! :) I am learning a lot though and it is pretty fun hanging out will all the people here in Taizhong! I also get to see the Legendary Elder Gish like every day because he is a zone leader up here! :) He is awesome and such a stud!

This week has been fun and interesting and I can't wait to see what the next week has in store! Love you guys and hope you have a great week!

~Love Elder Roberts

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