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Monday, November 10, 2014

September 28 2014

This week was a pretty crazy week we saw the lord helping us so much!

At the begging of the week it was kind of sad, we had about 4 people that are really awesome that we are teaching right now and they all live in the same area, well this week we found out that that little corner is not our area. So we had to refer two of them to the other missionaries. Bummer for us but good for the missionaries in that area. The other two are just barely in our area. They live on the dividing line!

One of the people that we had to refer is so cool. Her name is Sister Lin. I started teaching her when we were on splits 3 out of the 4 times.  So I have really been the one teaching her and I am pretty close and she is definitely getting baptized on November 1st but when she first met us she told us she lived in our area... turns out that is just her set address but right now she is living somewhere else and it is kind of far from us. So we had to refer her. It was super sad but we met with her on Saturday and she took us out to dinner after we told her. She took us to a buffet!! She is awesome, hopefully I am still around to go to her baptism!

Then yesterday, Sunday, we had a super cool experience with one of our investigators. Her name is sister Huang or her English name is Lain and we met with her for the first time on Tuesday. She is super hyper and crazy!!! But super nice and she always brings us drinks and stuff. On Tuesday we taught her the plan of salvation and gave her a book of Mormon and asked her to read every day for 10 minutes and we would call and see where she was throughout the week! Well we ended up meeting with her on Sunday and asked her where she was at in the Book of Mormon. She flips open the book in the middle and says about here. My companion and I both look at each other and she keeps flipping through and turns to Alma 10 and says oh right here!! We about pooped our pants. Now we need to try and figure out how to teach someone that actually did what we asked. So we start asking questions like wow you read that far by only reading 10 minutes a day? Her response "well like 10 or 30... Maybe an hour.... I DONT KNOW I was just reading it!" We start flipping through and she has sticky notes with questions to ask us and has marked all the way through, from the introduction to Alma! As we went through our lesson we would bring things up and she would talk about how she read about that and then finish the story! It was crazy I have never had an investigator read more than like a page let alone half the Book of Mormon in less than a week! We ended up giving her a baptismal goal and committing her to the word of wisdom and she accepted and is going to get baptized on the 1st of November, as long as she comes to church!!! haha She also said while she was reading she just started to cry and wasn’t sure why but it felt good and she felt peaceful and just kept reading, She read Alma 8:14-15.

This week was awesome and we saw a lot of miracles but I don’t have much time so here they are really fast:

We contacted one guy on the road that first completely denied us and as we talked to him and talked about why our church was different by the end of the contact he asked us for our number and gave us his number and told us in 2 weeks he is going to call us to learn more!

We had a guy show up at church that Elder Greenhalgh contacted clear back in February but he was too busy and now has time to hear about the gospel!

And transfers were this week and me and Elder Shelton are staying together to experience more baptisms and miracles together!

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love Elder Roberts

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