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Monday, November 10, 2014

September 21, 2014

This week was a pretty good week! We had zone conference and it is always nice to hear from the mission president! The topic was on our first lesson and how to teach a good first lesson but you probably don’t want to hear too much about that so I won’t talk about it too much.  The main point of it was to ask questions and find their need before you start teaching, once you find their need then you can truly teach them and not just teach a lesson! After the conference was over my companion had a District leaders meeting and so I was outside with other missionaries waiting for him and sister Blickenstaff came and asked me and him to help her teach a lesson in a couple minutes because president had to do interviews. It was a pretty cool experience but kind of weird but I got a free dinner out of it so I won’t complain too much.

This week we had a pretty cool experience with the "he" family. The son passed his interview and so he is ready to be baptized and really wants to but we have been trying to get the dad ready so he could baptize him. They were less active. They have been coming to church the last couple of weeks but the dad hasn’t had an interview with the bishop yet so we started to think that he probably will not be able to get baptized this week.  Next week is transfers and I am probably moving so I was kind of sad but it is better that they wait a little bit and have his dad baptize him. I think it would mean more to the family, but last night they called us and said they talked to the bishop and the bishop said the dad can baptize him!! So this week we will be having another baptism and bringing a family back into the church!!! Families are amazing and make doing this work worth it!

This week we also had another baptism and it was awesome of course! It was sister lee and her daughter! We got a call Friday night from our ward mission leader saying that tomorrow there is supposed to be a typhoon so we should probably cancel the baptism ha we said, we will see tomorrow and let him know! We woke up and the sun was out and it was a pretty nice day so we told him we were still going to have it! In the afternoon it started to rain a little bit and he called us trying to get it canceled again we said ha, we are not even wearing our rain gear because it was raining so little!!! So we told him no and he just told us it was going to rain really hard tonight....  luckily it didn’t and we were still able to have the baptism!! After the baptism we were told that there was no church tomorrow because of the typhoon. Then when we got home we got a call from the zone leaders saying not to go out until told otherwise. So Sunday was a long day of calling former investigators and organizing our apartment! So much fun NOT!!! haha The Typhoon was pretty pathetic to!! It was just like a normal rainy day in Taiwan nothing to great!

This week was a pretty good week, time is going fast!! I hope you are all enjoying all the little things in life! Love you all and have a great week! :)

Love Elder Roberts

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