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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

October 12 2014

This week was full of crazy good stuff!!! On Tuesday we had our zone training meeting and it was awesome! It was on following the spirit but I think what made it the best was when I walked in an Elder that I haven’t seen since my 3rd move call says to me holly crap you have lost a lot of weight! You look so lean and in shape. But we have been working out pretty hard the last couple months and it is paying off I guess. I am still skinny but I feel good! I ran a mile in 5:46 this last week and felt like I could have pushed myself harder.

We are still meeting with sister Huang and she is still doing awesome! She gave us some sweet ties last time we met with her so that was awesome! We taught her the law of Chasity this week to.  She is still super excited to get baptized and came to conference this week! Hopefully she can hit her goal on the 1st!

Conference was so good!!! But it was way to short! Time went so fast, and before I knew it we were on the last session. It is weird what sticks out to missionaries that didn't stick out to me before. It is so awesome that we have a living prophet today that is receiving revelation and can share with us to improve our lives and help us be happy!

Last night we had an awesome experience while contacting. We started contacting at 8 and had to be home by 9 so we didn't have much time and so we just headed out trying to follow the spirit I contacted this kid and at first I was a little iffy about it because he looked like a punk kid. Since I got a knife pulled on me I have been kind of nervous but I did it anyway. I pulled up to him and he was pulling a cigarette out of his bag. I asked him a few questions and got to know him then asked if he believed in God, he said no so I started to tell him that I know there is a god and he loves us and in the middle of a sentence I just felt like I needed to stop and so I asked him why he didn't believe.  He said because God has never helped him. I just sat there for a little bit and then started to testify a little bit but that isn't what I needed to say so mid-sentence I stopped and asked him if he had ever prayed and I think that is what really got him, he said no and I told him through prayer we can talk with God and feel his love! I got his number and asked when is a good time to meet he said tomorrow! At first I tried to get it on another day and I said we will call him and set up a time but once again the spirit said nope you need to meet with him tomorrow! So I set him up for today!  He seemed kind of down and like he really needs something in his life! The spirit guided that whole contact, it felt awesome! Then we started to go down a road but felt like that was the wrong way so we turned around and went down another road, at an intersection I saw a guy on the opposite side sitting on his scooter, about halfway through the intersection I turned so we could go talk to him, I almost hit my companion I turned so fast!  We got to the guy and he just got up and walked away. He just went over to his dog so we decided to wait for him to come back. He finally comes back and just rejects us. I was kind of confused but felt there was a reason, we turned around and there was a couple getting ready to go jogging and they were awesome! The contact started with them being really friendly but they said “we have met with a lot of churches before so it’s ok" and by the end they told us if we didn’t call them by the end of the week they would call us! It was a super good day!

Love you guys and hope you have a great week!!! 

Love Elder Roberts

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