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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

October 20 2014

This week was quite the week!! First off I just want to start off with letting you know that I am a visionary man!(ha-ha) Friday night I had a dream that I was district leader and that I was doing DTM, then luckily I woke up and it was Saturday morning and I wasn't.  It was just a dream. I kind of forgot about it then Saturday night we got a call from president and he said my companion was going to be a Zone Leader in another zone and then he told me I was going to be senior over someone that came on the Island with me. I was a little nervous but thought at least I am not District leader.... I was so wrong! I got a call from the zone leaders a couple minutes later telling me that I was the district leader of the MEGA district! We have 5 companionship's in our district (that's the most in the whole mission) and we have the zone leaders and the sister training leaders in our district! So things just changed really fast! Then later I realized that I had a dream about all of this and it was super weird!

My new companion is Elder Ng!!! He is the younger brother of the other Elder Ng, my other companion.  It is super cool that I get to be companions with both of them!  He is from Provo Utah and is super nice and always happy!! He is a super positive person it is awesome I am excited for these next three weeks!

Last Monday we went and got our haircuts by an awesome member in our ward! He is super good and crazy when it comes to cutting hair and when it comes to life he is just crazy!!! haha he wears all black and his clothes are super crazy but anyway the hair cut was awesome! He uses 5 scissors at once and he only uses scissors, no buzzers for him!! It was a super nice day and we got our hair washed like 3 times for about ten minutes each time!! I felt like I was at a spa! I will send some pictures!

Sunday night we were sitting in our study room and Elder Shelton was doing an baptismal interview on me so I could  see how to do one and about half way through right when we were really feeling the spirit I leaned back in my chair and we heard a loud pop and I was on my butt.  The back of my chair broke and it scarred the crap out of both of us!!! It was super funny but now my chair is broken.

Sister Huang is doing really good she is still reading and doing everything we ask her to, she is even keeping the Sabbath day holy and she loves to buy stuff so it is pretty awesome. She will probably get baptized in 2 or 3 weeks she just needs to come to church! This week we asked her to pray and truly repent and ask for Gods help to feel forgiven, the next time we met with her we asked her how it was and she told us she got her answer! She prayed and then flipped to the back of the book of Mormon to a random page in ether and started to read! The chapter she read was on repentance and she had marked almost every verse! God really does answer your prayers and will help you if you have faith in him and truly search he will give you an answer!

This week I had a special opportunity to give a sister in our district a blessing! She asked for a blessing of comfort because she is going home soon and is feeling really nervous. When I was starting the blessing I had no idea what to say and so I just started to talk, a few words into I stopped and my mind was filled with things to say and all I had to do was open my mouth and figure out how to make it all make sense! The spirit was so strong and we all left the room holding back tears! The power of the priesthood is amazing and I am so grateful to be able to have it in my life and to be able to use it to serve God!

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love Elder Roberts!

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