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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 3 2014

This week we had some pretty cool lessons. First off DTM went really good it was awesome! I taught about diligence and we discussed things that have happened from talking with everyone and bore testimony of it, the spirit got super strong and then we did a practice that was so fun! We had a companionship go out of the room and picked someone to be the person that would accept then the companionship had to find the person. I also had everyone act like a special person, like a drunk person, parents, and stuff like that. The last companionship was the sister training leaders and we all acted like we were a family and the dad was the one that would accept when they would contact him we would call him over to help us and so they couldn’t really talk to him. By the end of it the sister training leaders were doing the "Kamie squat" trying not to pee their pants because they were laughing so hard! It was super fun!

This week at English class we had an awesome spiritual share. We chose to do it on Life’s purpose and the Atonement. We asked them what things helped them be happy and what things made them sad then what things they needed.  We watched a Mormon message called "what matters most" and talked a little about that then talked about putting others first and serving others. We said Christ was a perfect example of this and if you really want true happiness you could get it through following him, we watched a video on his Atonement and at the end shared more testimony and by the end almost everyone's eyes were filled with tears trying not to cry! That is the first time the spirit has ever been that strong at an English class it was so cool and really helped strengthen my testimony on the Savior! I truly Love the spirit!

We are teaching a sisters mom! She is in our district and her mom is meeting with us how weird is that!!! Sister Lin is from where I am serving but went to Taipei for school and turned her papers in up there and then got called down to the Taichung mission and her mom has investigated the church but never got baptized because of the Sabbath day and her work. She owns a fruit stand and Sundays are the busiest day of the week so it is really hard for her to not work. This Friday I was planning for her and I wasn’t really sure what to teach her and what to share so I prayed and when I finished I thought of a story that I had not ever read before but I knew it was in a liahona (I know, kind of weird but that’s the spirit haha) so I grabbed a couple Liahona's and started reading where I thought it would be. The first one had a story that was on the Sabbath but it wasn’t the right one so I grabbed the next one and found a story on working on Sunday and opening his candy store for a Holiday so I was pretty impressed but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for so I grabbed another one and this story was exactly what came to my mind when I was praying!!! It was so cool! It was exactly like Lin mama's life and story! Then in the lesson she shared an experience, last week she prayed about working on Sunday and then went to work. At work 3 people asked her about her religion and she said I guess I am Christian" and then her customers got mad at her for working on Sunday because they knew Christians don't do that! SO COOL!!! This Sunday she was at church and stayed for the whole thing! Pray for her and that she will be able to receive the blessings from keeping the Sabbath and trusting in the Lord!!!

Love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love Elder Roberts

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