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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year

First off I want to let you in on a secret!!! haha It really didn’t snow here.... Sorry mom haha that is a picture Dave sent me to trick you guys!! I hear it worked!!! haha So funny!! It would only trick a blond! I love you mom. It is starting to get warmer again, it is back up to the 70's again so it feels really good right now! I have been pretty healthy. I got a little cold but other than that I am doing pretty good just home sick sometimes It’s a good thing. I can do hard things!!


For new year’s we had such a party!!! I think we stayed up until like 10:31... shhhh don't tell president ;) haha No we didn't really do anything we are so tired at night we just want to go to bed as soon as we can!!! 


Zhang dixiong (the old guy) is doing well! He is so cute!! every time he sees us he walks in with this huge smile and give us a high five!! He is so happy now and is always smiling and always wants to hang out with us! We see him almost every day and if we don’t the next day he calls us and tells us to come over and he gives us drinks and stuff so we will talk to him ha-ha He is such a cutie!!! Love him!


Me and elder Gish have kind of been talking in little kid voices a lot lately and the other elders asked us why we do that and we weren't really sure but the other day in my personal studies I read in Mosiah 3 and it talks about how we need to humble ourselves and become like children!! haha When I read that it made my day and I have showed everyone it! :) The other day I was going to open a pack of skittles and on the pack it said "what’s inside?"  And me being me, in my little kid voice, I say "Well it better be some skittles or I’m going to be mad!" and Elder Gish thought it was pretty funny and we laughed for quite a while!! It sucks we only have 2 weeks left we have become such good friends It is almost like we are buddies in college except we have an awesome message and I have no idea what anyone except elder Gish says... haha But it is super awesome and I have grown so much and I know without a doubt this is the true church and I am doing the Lords work!! I love being a missionary and being able to helps so many people!! Love you guys!!!


love Elder Roberts


ruan jun xiong
The pictures are of some awesome pancakes we had and Elder Gish's bike. (note to self, No tricks on bikes)


  1. Hello Amazing Roberts Family. I love reading Elder Roberts' blog. Thought you all would like this from our Sam's latest letter. We all are going to have to meet up some day.

    "After Church we sat with [a new investigator] and we had the SMOOTHEST lesson I have ever had my whole training period! Elder Roberts would pick up RIGHT where I left off and continue to teach perfectly and ask AMAZING questions and then I would pick up and then he would and everything was just PERFECT!!! I was so happy! And even better at the beginning of the lesson he said he doesn't believe God exists, and because of Elder Roberts amazing teaching, at the end of the lesson He said his first prayer ever and he said "Heavenly Father, I am sorry for doubting you...thank you for letting me meet these missionaries, because of their teaching I am starting to believe in you now...." It was SO AMAZING! :) I loved it and was so glad to have Elder Roberts by my side in this lesson!"

  2. This story right here makes my sacrifice all worth it. I can give up 2 years with my son knowing that he is sharing the gospel and changing lives. Thanks for sharing this Shannon.