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Monday, January 13, 2014

Last week of training

This week has been super weird!! The beginning of the week was super slow!!! At the end of Friday we had a total of only 8 lessons for the whole week but we made up for it on Saturday!! We were supposed to have about 10 lessons on Saturday if everything went good. But it didn’t and not everyone showed up.... we still ended up getting 8 lessons from 3 to 9.  In the morning we had 3 people cancel on us so we started to think the day wasn’t going to be as good as we thought. At 2 we played basketball with the young men and then had a baptism after the baptism we went and played more basketball then 2 investigators called and asked if they could come meet with us because they forgot earlier, but they wanted to meet right when we had another lesson set up so that is when everything got crazy! I was in a lesson with Alan then left him watching a movie and talked to brother Zhang then went back in with Alan. After Alan left I had to ride down and pick up one of the zone leaders to do a baptismal interview for us then came back and had a lesson with brother Zeng and Zheng that was crazy haha Then we rode up to the hospital to see one of the other elders investigators, while elder Gish went and did a baptismal interview for one of their investigators. After the hospital we went to brother Jiang's house and taught him then at 9 o’clock we finally got to take the zone leader back home.... haha We barely made it back to our house by 10! Such a tiring but awesome day!!


So a little about our investigators. Alan is pretty crazy!! haha

hetold us a story on Saturday about why he doesn’t live in America anymore?  It is because he almost killed someone... he is handicap now and can’t even feed himself... that was kind of an awkward lesson. He also swears a lot!!!!!! Our first lesson he said the F word 4 or 5 times talking about how big the dear are in Canada... Super awkward!


Jiang is super awesome he has a really bad problem with smoking and has gone through 7 missionaries because of it. He had a dream that smoking was bad for him and so now he hasn’t smoked or done anything for over a week and is now  hopefully getting baptized this Saturday!!


A lot of funny things have happened this week because of how slow it has been we have had to find ways to keep ourselves entertained, like putting bikes on top of buildings or taking the front wheel off and putting it somewhere else :) even the elevator is a pretty good hiding spot for the bikes.... haha until the Ap’s come down for an interview then that is kind of awkward... haha good thing they like us :)


Today we went to a bat cave and that was super sweet. We got to walk around in bat poop that came up to our knees.... haha it was so crazy though! We went through the cave twice. The first time wasn’t to bad but the second time they had all woken up and were flying everywhere!!! It was crazy! It was super small we had to duck through most of it so there wasn’t much room for them to fly past us and they kept smacking into our hands and they were super close to hitting us in the face!! Then we played in a little stream that is by the cave. It was pretty fun.  It was super cool I will try to send some pictures! I hope they turned out good!


Mosiah 5:2,4,15

Moroni 7: 47

Alma 38: 5


I love you guys hope all is well there!!! 


Love Elder Roberts!


Hope you like these haha :)

Trip to the bat cave!


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