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Sunday, January 26, 2014

First week not being a trainee.

This week has been pretty good!! My new area is awesome! The people here are super cool and super nice!  Elder Washburn and I get along pretty good!  That is awesome that you got put in young women’s!! That will be super fun for you! Ha that is crazy to think how soon Kaylee will be in there with you but even crazier I will be home before that time!!! Ha-ha that is weird to think! I don’t think Elder Washburn has a blog though. It sounds like things are going great there! I finally got the video of rob and Amy telling everyone!! That is so cool how they did it!!  That is crazy Brett is training with the high school teams now I bet he is going to be huge when I get back.... ha-ha just kidding that’s not going to happen! (Wink wink) speaking of getting huge everyone in my last area kept saying I was getting bigger and my arms and stuff are getting big but that was mostly elder Gish so I was like yeah right he is just trying to make me feel good but I weight myself this week and I was at 75 kilograms!!! Which is 165 pounds! Ha-ha I was freaking out I am getting fat. Ha-ha no not fat but I am putting on some weight! I weighed myself again last night though and I am 160 lbs pretty crazy!! My shoulders are getting bigger and my chest is too!! You can’t see all the bones in my chest any more... ha-ha I am starting to look husky instead of a skinny twerp!! Ha-ha it is kind of cool.

We have an old family that we go and visit a couple times a week and they are super funny!! It is a mom and her son, she is 91 and he is 61! They are so cute!!! We went over Friday night because they wanted to take us to dinner and when we got there all the lights were off and it looked like nobody was home so we called them, they answered and said they were just upstairs so we waited outside their door for a while as she slowly came down the stairs!!! She is 91 and can do the stairs!!! So crazy! Then when we went inside they asked us if it was morning or night because they had just woken up!!!! Ha-ha it was so funny they thought it was 5 in the morning and they were wondering why we came over so early!!! Then we went to dinner and they ordered enough food for all of us but then they didn’t eat!!! So we had a TON of food!!! And when we thought we were finished they ordered 25 dumplings!!! Which I normally only eat like 12 for a normal meal.... so that was fun trying to eat! Then they kept trying to order more food!!! The funniest part was when we were leaving the restaurant the guy asked if we had eaten yet.... he is kind of handicap so he always asks us if we have eaten and that is like his go to sentence if he doesn’t know what to say!! Ha-ha then when we got to their house he asked a couple more times and the grandma just looked at him and started laughing!!! She called him an idiot and said we just ate!! It was so funny!! Ha-ha they are so cute!

Our area is where a lot of rich people live to and it is like a really big nice city! There is an Audi, Ferrari, and BMW dealer ship in our area so there are always sweet cars driving around!! We saw an awesome Ferrari the other day!! It was sweet! It is weird the things you can do here that you would never do in America!! For English proselyting I stood in the middle of a huge intersection right by the mall holding a sign ha-ha there were scooter flying past me and huge trucks and nobody honked or anything!!! They just looked at the sign and went around me. I think a big reason is because I am white. Ha-ha, just kidding but kind of not they think we are so cool here!

Things are going good here! We have a couple baptisms for the next couple weeks the only bad part is it is almost Chinese New Year so nobody wants to meet.... It is like Christmas for them but for a whole week!! It is going to be crazy!! One of our less actives invited us over for it and said to asked if we could stay out until 12 that night ha-ha probably won’t happen but it would be fun!!! We will probably get fed a lot!! Should be a good week as long as we can get people to set up.... Love you guys!!

Love Elder Roberts!

Bat Cave

A mother nad her son.

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