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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Training is over

Okay mom I will answer all your questions haha I am doing good, super excited to be in my new area everyone is always talking about how cool and good this city is! This is kind of the area Elder Gish was in before he went to Taiping. My new companion seems like he is going to be really cool!! He snowboards and Rides dirt bikes, and his brother is a professional football player for the Detroit Lions!! He plays DE his name is Ezekiel (Ziggy) Ansah so that is pretty sweet! Our apartment seem really nice to it is pretty small but still nice! :) I and Elder Gish traveled pretty much the whole way together! He got off like 30 minutes before me! Saying bye was weird but it was real quick because he was trying to get off the train!

This week I went on a couple exchanges with some of the Elders in our district and one was with my best friend that ran into me last time... this time it was a lot better though we went out and I could tell he was having a rough time and he was super down so we did something that Elder Gish taught me, we went to McDonald’s and I bought him Ice cream and we just talked for a while! It was really good and it made us be a lot closer and the rest of the exchange went pretty good! :)

Something sad but happy at the same time, we had 2 baptisms set up for this last Saturday but both of them said they were not ready and now they are getting baptized this Saturday and me and Elder Gish are both gone... super awesome that they are getting baptized but super sad we won’t be able to be there and see them be baptized!!

This week we had an English party and of course we waited until the day of to set everything up and get ready for it so Wednesday was super crazy!! We did a murder mystery, kind of like clue in real life and it was with super heroes! My group was super crazy!! It was a bunch of little kids and then we had a couple girls that were probably just a little older than Kaylee! One was super cute and reminded me a lot of her!! But the other two weren’t very nice! They stacked a bunch of chairs on top of each other and started to climb up them, then they wrote the F word on the white board and they wouldn’t listen to us at all.... haha it was very interesting!  It went pretty good! I also got a baseball glove from one of the Elders that was by my old area! He said he didn’t use it so he gave it to me! It isn’t like my glove at home but will definitely work for here!

I was almost one of the people that went and helped with Dan Jones!! I was super nervous but then I let another Elder go because one of his friends was coming on and I didn’t want to go embarrass myself!! I have started learning Characters and have started reading the book of Mormon a little bit! I don’t really understand much and can’t read too much of it but for how much I know there is a lot that I can read and understand!

Things are going pretty good on this side of the world hope things are going good over there!! Love you guys! 

Love Elder Roberts! :)

Here are some pictures of some recent converts.

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