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Monday, December 30, 2013

First Babtism!!!

Another week in Paradise!! This week was a little rough with Christmas and everything but super awesome being able to serve the Lords on his birthday and to make it even better we got to baptize the cute little old guy!!  I was able to do it and everything went good!! It was a little difficult saying the prayer in Chinese but I did it and it was so awesome!! 


Seeing you guys on Christmas made me realize what truly makes me happy and it made me think about what I was doing here and as much as I miss you guys and as hard as it is being away from home I know that in just a little while I will be back with you.  I thought about what I was doing here and that I am helping people to be able to be with their families and the people that truly make them happy forever!! What an awesome opportunity I have to teach this amazing gospel and to give people such great hope in life and to give them a purpose in life!!


This Friday I went on exchanges with the Elder that told me I needed to be more serious and I need to stop joking around so much... haha it was fun I have really learned to be patient and learn how to like people and really get along with them! On Friday night we were heading to one of his investigators but he didn't know the way.... so I was leading and the light turned yellow. I went to go but then the car in front of me started to turn and a guy stepped out in front of me so I hurried and stopped and my companion ended up running into the back of me... I hadn't completely stopped when he hit me so as he came up to the side of me and tipped over. I was still balancing on my bike. I stepped off my bike and reached down to help him and see how he was he says to me in a super whinny voice "why did you stop right there!!!" As if it was my fault. So being the good person I am and trying not to completely lose my temper I road up the road a little bit and waited. He had hit my derailer and bent it into my tire so we ended up pushing my bike for the rest of the night... haha but I didn’t say anything to him about it. The next day he and the other elders brought it up and he still blamed me for it and said I shouldn't have stopped so fast and it was just as much his fault as it was mine, I just laughed and dropped it but that was my excitement for the week.


Everything is going good. We have some really good investigates right now and as of right now we have 4 baptisms for next month so hopefully things work out I love you guys and hope you have an awesome new year!!!!




love Elder Roberts


ruan jun xiong



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