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Monday, February 3, 2014

This week has been super different but I will try to answer all of moms questions first. I heard about the super bowl.... haha sorry Brett! I wish I could be there eating that food with you!! It sounds so good!! I haven’t had Mexican food since I got here and it is really hard to find and if you do find it, it’s really expensive..... Well for Taiwan food anyway. But I had my first mountain dew on Saturday since I left on my mission it was soooooooo good!!! I was so happy for the rest of the day!! I also had real milk that day to so I was one happy boy! haha As for my clothes they are getting a little tight but nothing to bad I don’t know if it is just because it is starting to get hot or if my collars are getting tighter but they are getting really annoying!! This month I hit my 6 month mark!! It feels like I have been gone forever but it has gone by fast to!!! It is kind of a weird feeling but before I know it I will be home so I am trying to enjoy it while I can. In the next package if you could send my go-pro chest mount that would be awesome!!! Then I could wear it around and show you guys more of what Taiwan is like and send a football!! They don’t have any footballs in Taiwan!!!!!! What the heck haha that would be a fun little thing to play with!

The little old people are awesome the son is a member but the mom isn’t she says she promised her dad that she would stay Baptist her whole life so..... but she really loves us and they take good care of us and always load us up with fruit and drinks and healthy old people stuff.... haha so good.... :)

Last Monday we went shopping and then went back to the church and one of the members gave us all facials!!! That was pretty sweet!! haha I will send a picture of it.
This week was Guo Nian or Chinese New Year!! It was so sick!! haha nobody wanted to meet with us and everyone went out of town!!! But we also got feed a lot!!! On Thursday night we went over to a super-rich guys house. He has a pent house on the 24th and 25th floor of a building!! haha it was super nice!! We went out onto the deck and looked out over Taiwan or as much as we could until it all disappeared into the pollution which isn’t very far but it was still really cool!! We even saw some stars!! That was the first time in Taiwan I have noticed starts!! haha Then on Saturday we got taken out to an all you can eat place.  The grill is in the middle of the table then you go get the meet you want and you bbq it on the table, it was really cool, but I was sitting right by the grill.... so I got fed a lot!!! I am pretty sure they did it on purpose but they just kept putting meat and food on my plate! They cooked it faster than I could eat it so I was eating nonstop for 2 hours straight!! It was good but I was full 30 minutes into it and they just kept making it and putting it on my plate... haha I had some chicken butt and a plastic tin full of just cheese!! haha They would laugh every time they put more food on my plate to so they knew exactly what they were doing!!! haha Then yesterday we had two dinners!!! The first one was pretty good but the second one was a Taiwanese meal for sure!!! We had squid, fish eggs, rice and veggies... haha and every time I would put down my chop sticks they would tell me not to be polite and to eat more.... haha so I did... it was so good! You know how much I love fish!!! haha

So this week was pretty good nothing to exciting except a ton of food!!!! I haven’t paid for a meal since Thursday!!! Just another day in Paradise!!! Love you guys!!

Love Elder Roberts!

Facials form a member

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