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Monday, February 9, 2015

December 14, 2014

I can’t believe there is only 10 days till Christmas and until I get to see you guys! :) It doesn’t feel like Christmas though! It has been pretty nice here, it is starting to cool off a little but it still hit 22 C degrees here which is like 71 F so it really doesn't feel like Christmas, I think that is a good thing or I would get way too Trunkey and miss home! :P I am not sure what time I will be talking to you guys yet because I am moving!!! I am going up north right under 台中 Taizhong To yuan Lin. I heard it is a good area and the ward is awesome so I am excited! I am going to be senior over two other pretty new missionaries and one of them is known for being really disobedient.... ha-ha so wish me luck! The other one is really awesome though and everyone has only said well about him! I will be moving up there on Friday.

This Friday we met with Lin mama and we had a really good lesson with her, we reviewed the first lesson and Elder Rock did the pen example or idiom (I think that’s what it is called in English) and she just freaked out because it made so much sense why we need a prophet now! Ha-ha it was awesome being able to see such a little thing help someone so much! After the lesson she invited us to come to dinner with her and I thought she said the relief society so I asked if we could and she said yes and said how there was going to be a lot of people and you just kind of grab the food you want and it would be OK. So I thought I just miss understood her.... ha-ha we showed up and I definitely understood what she said.... It was all these middle aged women at this table and then us two missionaries.... ha-ha it was kind of awkward but we got free dinner and got to know the relief society better :) 

I have been trying to get over this stupid cold this week and I think I am almost better! I called sister Blickenstaff on Wednesday finally and she told me some medicine I could get and it has been helping quite a bit. That night we had English and I had just took the medicine and boy did it make me feel good!!! Ha-ha I felt like I was just floating and my body was all tingly, it was super weird but felt pretty cool! :) My nose has been really weird though it gets super clogged up but I don’t notice and all.... It is super weird because I can breathe fine and it doesn’t feel weird I just notice because I start to not be able to hear very well... I don’t know if that is normal but it is really weird! Ha-ha my hearing gets all muffled and I start feeling kind of light headed until I blow my nose then I feel fine! Ha :)

Today during my personal study I read Alma 1 and it talks about priest crafts, which is pretty much pride! On my mission I have noticed how bad pride is and how much it can take over people and the things and can lead to! Pride is the hardest thing to overcome but once you do you and the people around you will be a lot happier! I want all of you to forget about yourself this week and focus on the savior and serving others! Here is a video for you guys to think about! Love you! :)

Hope you all have a great week! Love you lots! :) I will let you know next week about skype! :)


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