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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

^ month mark

This was probably the first valentines that I actually got a kiss and took someone out.... haha just kidding. I actually didn't realize it was valentines until the next day haha  It was just another day as a missionary couldn't really ask for much more than that.  So last week I said it had started to get warm.... haha this week has been pretty cold... Monday it started to rain but we just stayed in and cleaned our apartment pretty much the whole day! We went out for dinner and my bike broke. The crankshaft, the piece that makes it so when I pedal my bike will go and holds my peddles centered in the bike, yeah pretty much the most important piece on the bike broke so elder Washburn has been pulling me everywhere which hasn't been to bad but it isn’t helping me stay in shape though.  Now I am really getting fat! haha it takes us twice as long to get anywhere though!! They said the part should be here no later than last Friday though so that’s good..... haha I  still don’t have the part  other than that the week has been awesome though  It has flown by I can’t believe it is already Monday again!!

This week we have had some pretty interesting things happen!! One day we woke up and I got out of bed and stood up then elder Washburn started to tell me he didn't know how to play the game and he didn't know how to do it. I was pretty confused and trying to figure out what he was talking about then shortly gave up and asked what he was talking about then we both started to laugh cause he was totally sleep talking and woke up half way through it!  It was a good way to wake up. Then another exciting experience was our investigator that is getting baptized this week that acts like a little kid. This week we went to see him and he answered the door in a hoodie and supper hero little kid underwear then sat through the whole lesson in his underwear he thinks he is so funny!

This week we had a family take us out for hot pot, I haven't had hot pot since I first got on the island and they took us to marijuana.  I didn't like it and couldn't finish it the first time but my taste buds have definitively changed and my stomach has gotten bigger! I ate all of it and it wasn't to bad.  It is pretty much just a bunch of vegetables that you boil on the table right in front of you then you have some sauce and some rice to eat it  I was pretty impressed that I ate it all!!!

One last story I went on splits with a member because we had two lessons at the same time . My lesson was with a less active member. When we got there we talked a little bit and I asked how his day was and he responded by saying good but my wife doesn't want you guys being here late anymore. This was right before we headed home for the night so it was kind of late so I just started to share things that went good and stuff and then he and his wife started talking about the law of Chasity. Not really sure why?  Then he was asking me a question and I couldn't really understand what he was saying so he said it in English "Making love with a lot of people" I’m not really sure what the question was but I could kind of guess so I decided to just bear my testimony on it, so I did and then he asked me how to know what is a bad sin and what isn't a sin?  That was hard to explain in Chinese. He said to use English so I did a little and it looked like a light bulb turned on in his head and things just clicked. He probably didn't understand a thing I said but because of the spirit he knew what I meant! The spirit is so amazing and without the spirit I would be nothing!! The spirit told him exactly what he needed to hear and all I did was help it testify to him!!

Love you guys hope you have a good week!  Just another day in PARADISE!!!!

Love Elder Roberts

Broken bike so Elder Washburn is giving me a ride.

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