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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I'm moving!!!! AGAIN!!!! haha Elder Washburn is training and gets his trainee tomorrow morning so today is my last day in this area... not sure where I am going yet but it should me awesome where ever it is!

I got the package and the letter yesterday, thank you so much you guys rock!!  The conference was really good the spirit was so strong and the talks were really good, they were on missionary stuff hahaha SURPRISE!!! They talked about a lot of stuff from preach my gospel, being obedient, and just helping people. They shared stories about some of their mission experiences and awesome stuff like that. It just got me super pumped to be here doing what I am doing! 

Our baptism didn't work out because his son got sick and had to stay in the hospital so he is probably going to get baptized this Saturday... and I will be gone.... there might, be a chance that I can come back for the day though, fingers crossed! My bike still isn't fixed... haha We got the part yesterday so we are going to go get it fixed today after emailing!

This week was POWER WEEK so it has been pretty crazy, we have done a lot of contacting and finding people. We have been super busy but nothing to exciting has happened so my letter this week might kind of suck haha we traveled up to jia yi on thursday and spent most of the day there for a trainers meeting for Elder Washburn, that was pretty fun... haha then we have had to travel to nanzi for some baptismal interviews so that has been pretty fun and expensive. One of the kids that had the interview was really cool! He makes cameras for the iphone!! He was super cool and we decided to show him how good the cameras were on our nokia brick phones and then got into all the cool apps and how cool the calculator was on our phone and all the cool games it had.... haha the funny part is he was trying to be nice and acted like it really was cool because he is so polite!! haha we all had a good laugh about it.

So the other day I was thinking about how fast time is going and I looked at the calendar you guys sent me and it had a picture of us on the cruise and so I started thinking about that and it feels like it was just yesterday then I realized... That was 2 years ago!!! Holy cow.  It made me really think about how fast it is going to go over here and I will be back to a boring life again, when I feel like my life is so busy watching tv and playing video games haha it is weird to think how busy I thought my life was and now I have 30 min. a day to just relax... kind of haha I get to relax from 10pm to 10:30pm and that is usually spent getting ready for bed. It is so awesome though getting home and sitting down planning and realizing how much you have accomplished that day! 

So I don't know if it is because people like to mess with the missionaries or they just do it because they do but all the time especially in church we will be sitting there listening to a talk in sacrament and I feel like I am doing good I can understand and kind of get the main idea of what they are talking about then all of a sudden I don't understand anything... hmmm wanna know why because they start talking in Taiwanese... ha, not funny, They do it when they don't want us to know what they are talking about... haha super annoying imagine sitting in sacrament and every now and then the speaker throws in a line or two in Spanish... haha The best one is when you are tracting and you come to an old person and they talk to you in Taiwanese and say they don't know Chinese .. haha  it is so fun maybe by the end of my mission I will know 3 languages!! :)

I opened the package this morning that you guys sent me and was looking at the pictures and it made me realize how much I miss baseball haha.  Brett enjoy it while you can!! Before you know it is going to be over and you might be on the other side of the world to!!  It really made me want to start just enjoying the time I am in right now and just focus on the now and live it to the fullest!! It also made me realize how freakin amazing I look in a baseball jersey haha I am one shuai baseball player.

The last thing I want to do is give a shout out to my little big brother, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! He is 18 and now I guess an adult... haha but mentally we all know he isn’t haha just kidding Love you man!!! Hope your birthday was good! Did you get my card I sent you?

I love all of you and hope you remember to enjoy this next week we all have in PARADISE!!!

Love Elder Roberts :)

Here are some pictures of a couple of members from the ward I am in right now.

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