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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Just another week in paradise!!  We are moved into our new apartment and it is super nice!!! During packing though we made some paper air planes and found our way to the roof  haha there was also a basketball and some helmets that fell out our window.... oops haha :) Some mad it into the garbage 15 stories down but some didn't....  It was super fun though. I finally got a little cold a gift from my companion. (ha-ha) We spent most of the time moving and being stupid this week so nothing super exciting happened except for stupid stuff and a lot of contacting! We have met a lot of nice people!


A cool blessing experience we had this week was with Tony, he was feeling pretty sick and his throat hurt so he couldn't really talk and within an hour after the blessing he said his throat didn't hurt at all!!! The priesthood is so awesome! 


I ate a 1000 year old egg yesterday for dinner at member’s house so that was good..... ha-ha 


Hope you like the pictures and sorry for the short letter this week! Thanks again for all the letters my mom sent to me and for the Christmas tree it is so awesome! Love you all!! I still haven’t got all the Christmas presents for you guys either... I am going to do that today I hope!! We have been so busy with moving this week it took up almost all of our time!


Sorry I don’t have very much time but I will try to write more next week! I am expecting a lot of miracles :)


Love Elder Roberts

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