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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Another week in paradise!! This week was super crazy!! We had three Christmas parties that were pretty much the whole day, so it felt like we didn't get very much missionary work done which was kind of frustrating but it was fun to. We had a big party on Thursday, the whole mission got together and we all rented these party buses and went to sun Moon Lake! It is a big tourist lake here and we got to shop and just hang out. We took a big picture with everyone from the mission in front of the temple up by the lake! It was super foggy there to so that was really cool! You could walk out on the dock and pretty much disappear and look out over the lake and it was just white!! Super cool! After we left the lake we rented this big steak and BBQ place, it was pretty good. It was all you can eat everything and it was good food! Then me and Elder Gish had to leave early because the AP's asked us to go help them set up for the fire side! I have only been here for 2 months and I am already in with them, ha-ha. Elder Gish is awesome he is the only reason I am. The devotional was good and the missionaries that are leaving soon spoke and it made me really want to enjoy my time here even more!! After the devotional we got back on the bus and headed back to the mission home to get our bikes, but about half way there a guy got hit by a car crossing the road so President got out and helped him and then in the next intersection there was 2 scooters that crashed....it was crazy and we had a baptismal interview at 8 and this happened at 7:30... from the mission home to our chapel is about a 30 minute bike ride so we decided we weren't going to have time to wait and get our bikes and ride back so we end ended up just walking back to our chapel... it was an exciting day!


The old guy had his baptismal interview on Saturday that was quite the adventure... haha I was on splits with Elder Palmer, he is from south Jordan, he is super cool to. Anyways  we showed up at the church and there was no Zhang Di Xiang.... we wait for about 10 min. then decided to go get him so we road to his house and he was just getting ready to leave to who he said was his "girlfriend" house then we asked him if he could come to the church with us right now for 30 minutes and he said ok and we headed off! :) (Just picture how cute that little guy looks riding a scooter!!!!!) haha then we got to a light where we needed to turn and we turned and he kept going straight.... not sure where he was going and I don’t think he did either by the look he gave us when he drove past... he looked like a lost puppy dog! We decided to just go to the church and hopefully he would show up, he did about 5 min. after us but sadly he didn't pass again because apparently he is drinking alcohol and coffee and tea... I guess it just kind of depends what days you ask him these questions and how he wants to answer them... he is so cute so this week we are meeting with him every day at 7 to make sure he is doing everything and then we will baptize him next week!


Yesterday we went to a mall and sang a bunch of songs and everyone gathered and took pictures of all the white people gathered together singing! Ha-ha it is so funny we are like animals at a zoo! Everyone gathers to see us and wants to talk to us until we start talking about the gospel... then they run away! Some people are scared of us though it is super funny! We tried to talk to this one kid and he started backing up and was tripping up this hill... Then hid behind a cart.... ha-ha he was really scared of us!


I found some pretty funny and cool stuff this week during studies! The funny thing is in Ether 14: 18,23 it is pretty funny if you just read those two verses!! I at least got a laugh out of it :) Then in Words of Mormon I read verse 7 and it really helped me! Even he doesn't know everything but as long as we put our trust in the lord things will work out and he will help us do what we need to! Do what he has told us and he will bless you!


I love all of you and hope you have another fantastic week and Christmas!! I know I will! Like my uncle Dave always says "Just another day in paradise" Live every day like it is another day in paradise and your life will be a lot better! Everything happens for a reason, we might not know why but God does so trust in him and keep moving on!! Love you all!


Love Elder Roberts


More scriptures!! 

-Psalms 37:16-17

 Christmas Morning!!

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