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Monday, November 18, 2013

week 4 in Taiwan

Nov 18, 2013
This week has been super crazy with stuff.  A lot of weird things has happened to me, like I learned how to solve a rubric's cube... ha-ha but other stuff even cooler, funnier and weirder than that has happened!!  Hope you guys are enjoying the weather and the snow there!!! It has been 80 to 85 degrees this week :) Can you guys send me some pictures of like the activities we do there those are the pictures the people here like to see the most! They love the pictures of KY ha-ha everyone freaks out when they see them! He is such a stud! :)


So last night I was doing intersection contacting while Elder Gish called people and tried to get the week set up. So we were just at an intersection and I was riding in a circle talking to people and trying to get their number so we could set up a time to meet with them and one guy, when I reached out to shake his hand, he wasn’t really sure what to do so he started to massage my hand.... ha-ha it was so funny and he just kept rubbing it the whole time I was talking to him, in the middle of the road... ha-ha then another guy started talking to me in a language that was not Chinese!! At least I hope it wasn't ha-ha I didn’t understand anything he was saying. Then he said "what’s your name" in English and to clarify that's what he said I repeated back "what’s my name?" Then he said "what’s my name" so I said confused "What’s your name? “Then he said "what’s your name? “This went on back and forth for a while I was super confused because he just kept saying whatever I would say then the light turned green and he said bye and  just rode off...It was so funny and weird! Ha-ha super funny! Later that night we went to a less active members house for dinner and I gave my first blessing in Chinese!!! It was scary ha-ha. I am also getting used to feeling awkward and just going with it :) haha I can just kind of go with it now and make the other person feel even more awkward than I do :)


I have had to start taking the lead in the lessons lately and it is super hard when you know as little Chinese as I do. We were teaching this kid named brother lai and Elder Gish had me take over and I had no idea what they were talking about but I just started to talk. Ha-ha I asked him a question and what I had said was exactly what he needed and wanted to hear and led right into what we were planning on talking about, it was crazy. Then Elder Gish told me to prepare a lesson for Brother Liu and when Brother Liu came to the church it wasn't the same Brother Liu that I was expecting when I prepared the lesson.... and this Brother Liu was an inactive member and hadn't come to church in a while! So I decided to just stick with it see what happened. Through most of the lesson he had tears in his eyes and the spirit was so strong and he ended up coming to church yesterday! It was awesome!


The lord works in mysterious ways and sometimes, we might not know exactly why things are happening the they are but if you put your trust in the Lord and keep moving forward things will work out a lot better than if you do it by yourself, because he knows what you are going through so if you will turn to him and let him help you through it you will be able to do anything!


I love you guys hope everything is going good there! Things are awesome here!!


Love Elder Roberts


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