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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 8 2014

This week has been pretty sweet and pretty rough!! ha It rained almost every day, we would start off our day by getting soaking wet from the rain and then usually ending it soaking wet from sweat because the sun came out and it would get super humid!! Yesterday we were riding to church and it was raining but it was so humid it felt like we were riding through a mister! It was the weirdest thing ever!!! haha On Wednesday we had just left our house and it started to sprinkle and we decided we didn’t need to put on our rain gear and it would be fun.... haha well within the next 20 seconds you would have thought we had just got out of the swimming pool!!! haha it was so fun and felt really good actually! The roads were covered in water and in some spots the water came up to the bottom of are peddle. So as we would peddle our foot would go into the water! Everyone that we talked to asked where our rain gear was and the people here don’t like rain at all so when it rains they are really grumpy! We still tried to talk to them but I don’t think  if it was to effective because all of our tracks were soaking wet and so we couldn’t give them anything or even write down there number, but hopefully were able to cheer up their day a little bit! I mean a couple of white kids, soaked, singing me a song in the rain would cheer me up a little bit :) haha super fun day! 

Because of the rain we got fanged ALOT.... which kind of sucked!! Because nobody likes the rain nobody will go out in it!! The people here think the rain is acid rain and will make them go bald!!!  They are super funny but they will sometimes call you and say they can’t come and if you ask why they act like you are stupid and say "because it’s raining outside!!!"

Not too much happened this week but the normal missionary stuff. Sunday was pretty sweet though we had 3 investigators come and 2 of them were just kind of random. One of them was someone we hadn't even met. He was one of the other Elders Investigators and then they found out he lives in our area so they gave him to us at church!! He is super cool. The other one we couldn’t get ahold of towards the end of the week so we thought he wasn’t going to come. Then he showed up and told us he had been in taipei for the last couple days!  He is probably getting baptized next week or the week after! Keep him in your prayers! :) Then we had the guy that came up to us like 2 weeks ago looking for the English class. He is doing really good but he is talking to his Christian friends and other ministers and they are telling him not to read the book of Mormon and that we are bad and stuff. So hopefully he can get a testimony quick!

That was pretty much our week! Just working hard and trying to have fun while doing it, which is working out pretty good! Elder Greenhalgh is awesome and I am learning so much from him, he is helping the work be super fun! This week I also had my first fresh mango, it was so good I actually had a couple hahah but I will try to send you pictures of one we ate last night!! :) So good! Hope you guys have a great week!!1 Love you lots! I’ll just enjoy myself here in paradise!!! :)

Love Elder Roberts!!!! 

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