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Monday, June 2, 2014

June 1, 2014

This week has been super fun and crazy!! Ha we got the most lessons I have gotten my entire mission for a week! Elder Greenhalgh is super awesome and he reminds me a lot of Elder Gish! So he is pretty much just a stud all around! ha This week end we were contacting on the way home and we were messing around having fun but still working hard and we pulled up to this guy on a scooter at a light and I started talking to him and I told him I was from Africa.... haha he looked at me kind of confused and asked aren't people from there black? you don't have black skin then I said south Africa and he believed me haha then I said hey this is my friend he is from England, as I was pointing to Elder Greenhalgh and so he starts talking in an accent and the guy asked what part and he said London it was super funny the guy ended up adding and is going to meet with us! He is a super cool guy, his name was Eric!

On our way to email today we had a little accident ha we were going down this bridge and Elder Greenhalgh turned and looked back to see if there were any cars or scooters coming and he kind of went over a little bit and hit the edge of the bridge and ended up wiping out pretty bad! His arm got super torn up, he scratched his chin a little bit, he tore his shirt, pants and bike seat and his front break got kind of broke.... poor guy but it was kind of funny but really crazy! It looked like he hit his face hard from my point of view but I guess he didn't too bad, luckily!!! His arm and knuckles are all scraped up though it looks pretty gnarly!!! haha

This week we met this super cool guy.  We were standing out in front of the church and he came up to us on Tuesday night and was looking for the English class and so we told him it was Wednesday night and then started to talk to him and he ended up living in our area and set up a time to meet with us on Thursday. Thursday we sat down with him and had a sweet lesson with him, we shared Moroni 10:3-5 with him and at the end of the lesson he said when we read that he had a weird feeling and it was kind of scary.... at first he said it was a sad feeling so we started to ask questions about it and were trying to figure out if it was good or bad, he ended up saying it was a good feeling but it made him feel like he wanted to cry, so we told him that is the spirit. He set up another time to meet with us on Tuesday and kept saying thank you! Then later that night just after we finished planning our phone rings and it was him, he sounded kind of sad at first but then he asked if the Book of Mormon we gave him was his and if he could write in it and take note, after he told us when he was looking at our pictures of our families he could tell that we were all so happy and he wanted that and he felt super happy and good tonight when he met with us! He thanked us again and then we hung up!! It was super cool seeing the spirit work on someone so quickly and so strongly, hopefully we will be able to continue helping him and teaching him so he can be baptized!!!

One last thing, this week I was reading in Moses one and it was talking about how there is so much more to the gospel that we don't even know about, so I came up with this example :) The gospel is a lot like the ocean, a lot of people here stuff about it and some is bad and some is good for example all the storms and sharks and crazy stuff that can happen in the ocean or how beautiful it is and how fun it is to play in and all the stuff you can do in it! There are a lot of people that just hear about the storms and the boats sinking and the shark attacks and so they are afraid of it and never get to enjoy the ocean for what it is. There are also the people who go and play on the beach and swim and get to enjoy it and they learn to love it but then they hear about the sharks and they run away and never come back or they are just content with staying in the shallow water and enjoying that part but it isn’t until you really go in and explore (or study) that you really find out what is down there and how amazing everything is and how pretty it is. It could completely change your view on the ocean (or life) but even the people that know the very most about it still don’t know everything there is so much out there that has been unexplored! There is so much in the gospel that we don't know about but what we do have we need to study and learn and take it in and enjoy it so that it can be a blessing in our life! I know this church is true and that it can bless everyone, sometimes it is hard and times get rough but if we put our trust in the lord he will help us get through it a lot easier than we could by ourselves! Our trials are just to help us grow and be stronger, learn from them! 

Love you guys hope you all have a great week in the mountains!! JUST ANOTHER WEEK IN PARADISE!!! 

Love Elder Roberts :)

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