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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 15 2014

Wow this week has been so crazy!!!!! So much downs and craziness!!!  To start off on Tuesday we had 8 people set up appointments and all of them said they would come the night before. Then at the end of the day we ended teaching a total of 2 lessons.....  One of the guys is supposed to be baptized this Saturday... That is not going to happen now. Because since Tuesday we haven't been able to get a hold of him and we think he has blocked our number.... really sad but it happens. Later that night we got home and got a call from our golden guy that came up to us talking about English class. He was calling us to tell us he can’t meet with us anymore because he is gay and he would not change. Kind of depressing. We had a good feeling about him but I guess now is the time.

Some other pretty sweet things happened this week.  I was going to the bathroom the other day and it was very peaceful if I do say so myself. Haha, as I was pulling the toilet paper out something started to wiggle out of my hand.... it was a little unexpected and I may or may not have squealed like a little girl ha, but as I looked down I noticed there was a nice friendly gecko on the toilet paper!!! haha he ran up the wall and just chilled for a little bit, it was quite a surprise and I thought it was pretty funny! After words I tried to catch him and I was running through the bathroom trying to catch this lizard but sadly he ran into a hole and got away! Luckily nobody came in and saw me crawling around on the floor:  haha 

This week we had a crazy lesson with an investigator!!!  Everything started off good and the lesson went good, we taught him the second lesson on the plan of salvation and it was going really good until as we were about to finish up our pei ke (the member in our lesson) said to the investigator, you smoke right? The investigator says “ya”. Then our peike says oh we have this thing called the word of wisdom! My companion and I are both like oh great.  Luckily we were able to do it smoothly and talk to him about it as he is freaking out because he has tried to quit smoking before wasn’t able to, and so we are promising blessings and telling him why and just explaining things but before we had a chance to finish our peike asks if he has a girlfriend?  The investigator  says yes and our peike says "oh well we also have this thing called the law of Chasity" that is where we cut him off and told him we will tell him about it later. It was really interesting!!! Luckily he still accepted a baptismal goal and came to church this week so fingers crossed! He is super cool! :)

Last thing I want to share is something that made my day and opened my eyes a little bit! This week we had to go up to the hospital to get some papers for sister Blickenstaff.  After, we went to a 7/11 that is connected to the hospital to fax them to her. As we were standing in line to pay I saw this little kid that was missing his arm, I started to feel kind of sad for this kid and I was thinking how he probably just barely lost his arm and how sad that was for him. They paid and as they were walking past us the kid (with his arm full of snacks and goodies) looked up at me and gave me the biggest smile I have ever seen and starred at me as he walked passed, then he dropped his drink. He picked it up his drink and looked back at me with a big smile again and ran and caught up to his mom! It made me realize that event though we might have some challenges and might be going through some struggles there are always good in our life we just have to find it and be happy like that little boy did! A smile can turn someone’s whole day completely around for the better!!! 

Love you guys so much and hope you have a good week! This week I want you to try to make someone else life like paradise! I promise it will make your week a lot better!

Love Elder Roberts! :)

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