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Monday, March 17, 2014

March 16, 2014

March 16, 2014

To start off I would like to just give a little shout out to a beautiful girl named Morgan!!! Happy Birthday last week!! Hope it was a good one!

This week has been a little slow nothing to exciting except last Friday was pretty interesting… You will probably think that I am a bad missionary for this but I guess that kind of is half of the reason, just my normal Braden Roberts side coming out but it is also because my Chinese is bad and so I just say what pops into my mind!! haha Anyways we were on our way to a less actives house and a tai ke (punk kid) drove by with his girlfriend on the back and he yelled hello trying be funny and speed by us but luckily for me the light just down the road turned red so I pick up the speed a little so I could talk to him and I cruise up and skid up next to him and this is how the conversation went:

Me: wow hello handsome boy!!! ( with a huge smile)

Him: hello.... ( kind of embarrassed but happy because a white guy just called him handsome in front of his girlfriend)

Me: how’s your day?

Him: not to bad!

Me: Oh cool, so where are you off to?

Him: I’m going home....

This is when I decide to have some fun haha I get a little grin on my face and look back at his girlfriend then back at him and say:

Me: Oh that should be fun.... haha

Oooops probably shouldn't do that as a missionary.... but those are the words that came to my head.... the guy just smiled and the girl got super embarrassed and put her face into the guys back and wouldn't talk to me.... haha I talked to him a little more but the light changed and they left and I had a good laugh about it and kept on my way to the less actives house. This less active was super cool!! He plays the guitar and a Chinese version of a violin, but that isn't even the cool part.  He lives on the beach and has a beach front house!!! But wait there is even more!!! haha His job is to take people scuba diving and they take harpoon guns!!! We went and visited him at 7 pm and when we were leaving he started to get ready to go to work.... it is dark and it is like 8pm!!!  But I found out they go out from like 11pm to 4am. There is no way you could get me out in the middle of the ocean at 1 in the morning to go hunting for fish that are bigger than me!!! They are crazy!!!

Earlier Friday we had another funny experience one that Elder Ng says he has never seen before and he has been here over a year!! We were out riding around contacting and a big buss full of like high school students was turning in front of us and they were all staring at us.... so I decided to smile and wave at them. In the back of the buss I noticed some girls were already waving so I looked at them and waved then they started to blow me kisses, that was awkward at first, I went to blow them back but then I thought I was a missionary so I probably shouldn't do that! Then it got really awkward so I just smiled and kept waving... haha just part of a day’s work as Elder Roberts :)

The church is true and will bless you more than anything else! This week I read one of my favorite chapters in the book of Mormon!! Alma 14! It is so good you guys should read it and tell me what you think!! I know that through our Faith we can accomplish anything!! Stay strong and stay on the Lords side and you will see miracles! 
Love you guys!! Just another Week in PARADISE! I’m about to take off!!! Hope you feel the same way about your life if not then change something so it is paradise!! Your day will only be as good as you make it!!! 

Love you lots!!

Love Elder Roberts!!!!!

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